Miracle Garden/Linen Set

Miracle Farden/Linen Set/By RS Couture

Product: Set

Material: Linen

Color: Flowers Print

Model Wears Size: Small

Material & Care: Dry Clean

460 $

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M, M-L, S

The new RS Couture line features an extremely elegant, contemporary and attractive outfit. The natural texture of linen gives a sophisticated touch to the overall design, emphasizing its rich appeal. The dress is given a bright and classic beauty by the linen material with carefully selected floral prints embellished with a wonderful variety of garden flowers.

The sophisticated silhouette of the dress perfectly combines aspects of current design, ensuring the ideal balance of tradition and style. The dress is elevated to a new level of feminine elegance by the blooming floral patterns that resemble a royal Wonderland garden. @risi__self_shop